Welcome to Bozwell's Foreign Film Database!

This website is for film lovers. Whether you want to know more about foreign films or are already enjoying them and want to find some you haven't seen, "this must be the place".

The site features a search engine with basic information about the foreign films I have seen and enjoyed. If it's on here, it's worth watching (in my humble opinion). If it's not on here and it's really good, please tell me about it and I'll try and see it and add it.

This database does not include any films I haven't actually watched myself. So it is by no means exhaustive, but it is formidable. I am not trying to suggest that I am an expert in the subject (unless you want to offer me a job as a movie reviewer), but as the saying goes "I know what I like".

What is a "foreign film"?

For the purpose of this website, I define a foreign film as one that was made outside of the United States. This excludes all of the run-of-the-mill formulated trash that comes out of Hollywood (that's the general idea). I acknowledge that a lot of fine films have, can, and do come out of Hollywood, but there are plenty of sites on which to look those up. Although there are also many fine "art" films made in the U.S. by independant film companies, they will have to be included in another database when time permits.

Thanks for visiting.